Welcome to FUT 13 Coin Giveaways!

If you want to win Coins for your Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Account you need to contact us!

To take part in the Giveaway you need to buy a loose!

1= 1500 Coins 

2=3000 Coins

3=4500 Coins

4=6000 Coins

5=7500 Coins 


If there are more than one person with the same, the right number, i will contact them and they choose another number and i will randomize again until there is a winner and he will get all the coins!


E-mail:  fut13-coin-giveaways@hotmail.com

You can buy as much looses as you want!

If you buy more looses your Chance to win increases!

Contact me via E-mail and tell me how much you wanna buy!

There is a Giveaway every sunday!

Just for PS3!!!!!!

I will tell on this site every friday evening how much coins are in the jackpot and at which time the giveaway starts!

In your E-mail you need to tell me a number (per loose one number) and i will give you my psn name and you transfer your coins to my account and they go in the jackpot directly so the size of the jackpot increases!

I will choose the winner via random.org!


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